Geek Chic Wedding

The Wedding of Jane and Neil

Jane & Neil were married at The Maynard, Derbyshire. on the 4th May 2012, “We chose ‘Star Wars Day’ as our wedding date as we are both fans of the films, proud to be geeks and it tied in with the ‘geek chic’ theme”, Jane told us...

“Our inspiration came from our love of everything geeky and the fact that we are proud of it”, the bride concluded. “We wanted to do something different that matched our personalities and would mean that everyone would know this was our wedding. The date of May 4th meant we were going to have a lot of Star Wars references in the wedding, but we didn’t want just ‘a Star Wars themed wedding’ as our love of geekery is much wider. Neil had the initial ideas for the Mario cake, video game inspired table names, arcade cabinet and music, then we worked together to get them to be just right for the big day. We weren’t afraid of doing things differently. The fact that we worked together to make it our special day, combining both our loves and interests meant that we had an amazing individual day that was very unique, really fun, and very us.”

We have added some photos of the happy day below, and would like to thank the guys at S6 Photography for taking such superb pictures which we feel capture Jane and Neils day, perfectly...

May the "Force" be with them

Feature Wedding 2

We thank Jane and Neil for all there help during the day and for allowing us to use their stunning photographs. We wish them every success in the futureThe Green House